Once you've signed up, Setup is the best place to start from.

Here you can personalize how Reportcard would work for you. A recommend order for entering information:

  1. Basic Information
    Add details about your organization, working hours, currency and view preferences
    2 minutes
  2. Locations
    Add areas where you provide services
    1 minute
  3. Staff Members
    Add and invite staff members to collaborate; even control the access rights for each staff member
    2 minutes
  4. Student Grouping (optional)
    Turn on 'Year Groups' if you organize students by years or grades; and then add the years or grades
  5. Batches (optional)
    Add batches to quickly enroll a group of students
  6. Subjects
    Subjects are organized by categories; add a category and then subjects in them (eg. for a category 'Dance' we could add subjects like 'Salsa')
    4 minutes
  7. Fees List (optional)
    Add prices to your subjects, refine it for different durations and even create packages
  8. Grade Scales
    Add numeric or non-numeric grade scales to mark your assessments
    2 minutes
  9. Assessment Types
    Add the different types of assessments you undertake (eg. weekly test, finals)
    2 minutes
  10. Invoice Format
    Customize how your invoice would be viewed by your clientele
    1 minute
  11. Taxes
    Add taxes required to be added while invoicing
    1 minute

And in 15 minutes, we ready to roll 🎢

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