ClassMarker is an easy-to-use quiz maker and online testing solution.

To integrate ClassMarker with Classcard:

1. Copy the Webhook key from your Classcard account (Setup > Integrations > ClassMarker) 

2. Login to your ClassMarker account and paste Webhook by following the below steps:

  • Click on My Account
  • Select Webhooks / API keys
  • Click the "New Webhook +" button
  • Input a suitable name for the Webhook Name, we recommend: Classcard
  • Paste the Webhook Key in the Endpoint URL input 
  • Check the "Verify on Save" checkbox - this will activate the webhook
  • Finally, click the "Save Webhook Settings" button

3. For tests that you would like the results to automatically update in Classcard. Select the Classcard Webhook (the name setup in step 2 would appear in the dropdown) under the Test completion section (Links > Settings).

💡Protip: Check the "Save as default settings" to apply the setting to all future tests.

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