• Setting limits on discount
    Discounts can be limited by a percentage of the total invoice amount. Additionally, an absolute value limiter can be added. To set the maximum discount:
  1. Click on Setup in the left main menu.
  2. Click on the Discounts tile under Invoicing

For example:

Mike runs Law School Admission Test (LSAT) classes. He wishes to restrict the maximum discount to 20% of the total invoice amount, for any student. Further, he wants to ensure that the discount value does not exceed AED 399 (as shown below). 

Scenario 1:
Samantha, is interested in enrolling for Mike's LSAT classes and her total invoice amount is AED 4,000. Mike, in a hurry, applies a 20% discount amounting to AED 800. Reportcard alerts him, saying that the discount is not permissible as it exceeds AED 399. 

Scenario 2:
However, if Samantha's total bill was AED 1,000 and Mike applied a 20% discount amounting to AED 200. Reportcard would not alert him, as the discount is within both permissible limits:

  • Percentage; 20%
  • Absolute value; AED 200 which is less than AED 399 
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