Assessments provide great insight to a student's progress. Reportcard helps beautifully visualise assessment records and makes it easy for you to analyse.

To add an assessment, follow the steps below:

  1. Click Assessments in the left main menu
  2. Click the Add Assessment button

Alternatively, to schedule an assessment:

  1. Click on the Calendar option in the left main menu
  2. Click on the time slot where you'd like to schedule the assessment
  3. As step 1,  i.e. create event, fill out the event details; be sure to select the event type as "Assessment"
  4. As step 2, i.e. enroll students, click on the button "Enroll" against the student or batch (also see: enrolling a student or batch)
  5. At the time or anytime after the event, on clicking on the event tile you will see the option to Mark Assessment for the assessment

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