We may need to group students together, typically, we may operate our classes for:

  1. Batches (eg. Beginners, Advance etc.)
  2. Year Groups (eg. Year 1, Year 2 etc.)
  3. Grades (eg. Grade 3, Grade 4 etc.)

Using the batches feature you can easily create such grouping. 

  • Create a batch from Setup:
  1. Click Setup in the left main menu
  2. Click on the Batches tile under Students
  3. Click the Add a Batch button

    Note: To edit a batch, from step 2, just click on the row bearing the batch's details
  • Create a batch from Students:
    Another, super-quick way to create batches
  1. Click Students in the left main menu
  2. Check the box to the left of the students you intend to group
    🤩On checking the first student, you will notice blue buttons appearing on the top right above the student's table. 
  3. Click the Create New Batch button

Batch Attributes:

  • Batch Name: The name by which you would like to identify the group of students
  • Start Date: The date when the batch's classes is likely to begin
  • End Date: The date when the batch's classes is likely to end, usually the term end, year end etc.
    💡Once a batch has ended, it would not show up in the list of active batches that would normally display in the second tab of students for an event or assessment. If you'd like to see the batch, you can go to the batch and extend or remove the end date.

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